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    Hosted workshop on small business marketing program to match small businesses with KSU agri-business marketing students to address marketing needs such as development of logos, color schemes, websites, marketing plans, social media, etc.  Fifteen people representing thirteen businesses attended.
    Conducted a survey of Clay County alumni and made connections with interested alums who are looking to move back home.   Their occupations include: teachers, anesthetist, financial advisor, police, consultant, web designer, RN, office, sales, dental hygienist, pharmacist, doctor, project manager, draftsman, chemist, and transportation.  One resume already provided.
    Hosted 2nd annual E-Awards, and promotional videos posted to YouTube channel
    Coordinated 2nd annual Young Entrepreneur Challenge with eleven students competing
    Hosted First Impressions presentation for about 50 people
    Recruited a group (Clay Center Action Network or CCAN) to implement the KSU Urban Design project and address findings from the First Impressions visits.
    Because of KSU Urban Design project, EDG received funding to develop a façade improvement loan program for downtown Clay Center businesses.
    Arranged retailer training on shoplifting
    Five business people attended Destination Boot Camp, a training program to teach people how to turn their business into a destination
    Assisted efforts to improve the blue green algae issue at Milford Lake
    Developed brochure promoting USD379 and one to promote shopping downtown
    Attended Expo in Junction City to promote visiting or moving to Clay County
    Developed a survey to determine needs of teleworkers, freelancers and home-based businesses
    Assisted organizers of the Clifton Beautification committee
    Promoted support of the Flint Hills Regional Council's website "Communities to Call Home"
    Assisted high school and middle school councilors in redesigning career day events
    Organizing a Business Development Expo for area business people to find resources.  Event to be held March 15, 2018.
    Assisted in investigating how to solve a drainage issue on the west side of Clay Center.
    Assisted in the transition of the Rex Theater.
    Provided information in support of a housing study.


    Organized and funded six businesses to attend Destination Boot Camp
    Organized and funded the Community Reinvention Program attended by almost 50 local business people
    Organized and funded a weekly Destination University training webinar
    Organized and funded the first annual Young Entrepreneur Challenge
    Supported three business people in Economic Gardening program
    Organized and funded three 3-hour business booster classes: How to Use Your Accounting Data; Making Decisions in Complex Situations; and Search Engine Optimization
    Organized and funded a four-part website development class
    Assisted preparations for the 2016 Rotary Career Day
    Organized E-Awards program
    Coordinated meeting with welding industry and teacher
    Conducted workforce survey
    Developing a software program to connect alumni with career and business opportunities
    Hosted meetings with Dr. Trewyn; Kansas Department of Commerce; and conference call with NBAF related industry leaders to promote local assets
    Completed one RFI (Request for Information)
    Promoted Clay Center’s assets on the NBAF website
    Updated recruitment brochure
    Interviewed marketing/website development companies
    Organized downtown development plan with KSU Urban Design class
    Participated in Flint Hill’s Regional Council’s Impacts of Fort Riley Reductions study


    Hosted Growing Rural Businesses workshops for 21 people representing 18 businesses
    Organized the Business Booster Series of workshops
    Coordinated coaching program for growth and transition businesses
    Developed e-awards program for entrepreneur-of-the-year, young entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, and entrepreneurial employee
    Developed a Young Entrepreneur Fair to be held March 17, 2016.
    Provided programs on entrepreneurship at the chamber coffee, Lions Club, High School Ag Business class
    Lead two “skills in the workplace” trainings held for a local employer with 16 participants.
    Assisted Clay Center Planning and Zoning with their comprehensive plan goals and zoning sections.
    Assisted area businesses on marketing through the Kansas Travel website
    Assisted hospital and county health with a community needs assessment survey.
    Assisted in organizing and developing the Guest Tax Committee
    Interviewed for Eagle Communication program:
    Submitted application for E-Community tax credits, were award $50,000 in tax credits providing $66,667 in funding for Network Kansas board certified programs to develop entrepreneurship
    Developing a local entrepreneur training program, overcoming barriers: money, time, knowledge, idea, habits, and fear
    Assisted in the development of the west side sewer extension
    Assisted NCRPC with cost benefit analysis for CTI project.
    Attended the NBAF summit


    Provided individualized business assistance for growth and transition businesses
    Manned a booth at the high school Career Day
    Conducted recruitment mailing to non-local alumni and at local alumni celebrations
    Organized and facilitated Entrepreneurial Course
    Created, printed and distributed new Citizen’s Guides
    Conducted survey of local businesses to determine current workforce development needs
    Implemented new Workforce Development program to provide local training opportunities
    Promoted the ROZ program to local businesses
    Awarded E-Community designation
    Accepted into the Four Rivers NCKBDF Revolving Loan Fund
    Submitted three applications for the FHLB Four State Competition
    Assisted Clay Center Planning & Zoning Committee in revising goals and zoning ordinance
    Survey high school students related to their occupational plans, business plans, and location preferences
    Completed a Request for Information for manufacturing recruitment 
    Assisted with many individual business needs such as referrals, business plan assistance,
    technical writing, transitioning, training opportunities, financing and site location
    Organized travel and tourism strategic planning meeting and networking group 
    Applied for and received grant funding for travel and tourism planning meeting
    Recruited Transient Guest Tax committee members
    Secured funding and promoted the “Growing Rural Businesses” program for Spring 2015
    Organized NCRPC presentation on funding opportunities
    Assisted in Smart Rural Community application
    Redesigned the E-Community brochure
    Conducted west-side development study
    Facilitated sewer extension
    Attended Rural Opportunity Conference
    Attend Flint Hills Frontier planning meetings
    Convened welding training program meetings
    Gave presentations to: Chamber Coffee; Lions; City Council; Pilot's Club; FFA officers; County Commissioners


    Attended Flint Hills Frontiers strategic planning meeting
    Clay Center Council approval of Airport Industrial Park lease
    Developed industrial park policy including price reduction based on job creation and capital investment
    Developed website for site consultants and business owners/managers
    Hosted presentation by Deb Peters, NCRPC, on business services and loan packaging
    Dollar General in Wakefield
    Supported investment in the North Central Regional Planning Commission Revolving Loan Fund
    Participated in Leaders Retreat, strategic planning session including Manhattan, Wamego, and Junction City
    Assisted Longford in housing grant application
    Hosted workforce development presentation
    Hosted Network Kansas E-Community presentation
    Completed E-Community application
    Attended Economic Gardening Conference
    Received KPP grant to help fund the Clay County brochure
    Completed the Clay County Brochure
    Promoted the 4-state competition program
    Completed two RFI’s (Request for Information)
    Assisted Clay Center’s Community of Distinction video project
    Assisted in developing a business scoring matrix
    Toured KSU Research Foundation and Technology Transfer Center
    Promoted the Rural Opportunity Zone (ROZ) to over 400 Clay Center alumni
    Promoted the Rural Opportunity Zone to local employers as an employee recruitment tool
    Hosted presentation on Plum Island and recruitment opportunities
    Developed networking opportunities with the Animal Health Corridor
    E-Team (Entrepreneurship) developed vision and mission statements
    Toured KSU Bio-security Research Institute (BRI)
    Surveyed 102 local high school students on potential entrepreneurial projects they would be interested in
    Received possession of the industrial park from the city
    Assisted in Longford housing grant application
    Promoted housing grant opportunity to the City of Clay Center
    Assisted in the Community of Distinction Video shot
    Host the “Strategies to Recruit Alumni and Young Families” webinar series
    Investigated the opportunity to provide KansasWorks BEST workforce training
    Clay County was accepted into the North Central Regional Planning Commission Revolving Loan Fund
    Provided financial assistance for one business transfer
    Clay County was accepted into the E-Community program

    Hosted Marketing assessment Workshop
    Redesigned the grant program
    Redesigned the loan program
    Hosted Transition Workshop
    Hosted Money, Marketing, & Management Workshop
    Hosted Business Plan Workshop
    Hosted Cash Flow Made Easy Workshop
    Hosted Facebook Business Page Work-shop
    Hosted Facebook Marketing Workshop
    Hosted Selling on Facebook Workshop
    Hosted Making Sense of Financial Statements Workshop
    Developed a Mentoring Program for business owners
    Conducted a Training needs survey
    Hosted a site consultant visit
    Arranged a labor study
    Increased buildings and sites listed with
    Completed a recruitment Request for Information
    Building Facebook page
    Recovered billboard
    Hosted a booth at the Fort Riley job fair
    Hosted a booth at Piotique
    Assisted Longford with a housing survey
    Assisted many individuals with their business needs

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